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About Katari

Katari's creator Tara Whaley started out at the age of 6. She would sit alongside her mother and watch her sew for hours. She would collect all the scraps of fabric and cut out clothes for her dolls and her mother would sew them up for her. As time went by watching was not enough and decided to jump onto the machine and started sewing little creations for her dolls and teddy bears.

By the age of 10 she was making tailored jackets and skirts for her mother to wear to work, she didn't use patterns she would cut into fabric and hoped for the best and somehow it worked! 

Tara studied fashion design at the highly acknowledged Grafton Academy for Fashion Design in Dublin Ireland.

After her studies she began working as a seamstress for various independent European fashion houses. Then, continuing her love of fashion design she worked alongside a design team for global brand Topshop.

Following shortly after Tara ventured into couture bridal and formal, where she found her passion for making custom gowns.

Katari has been creating limited-edition custom-made gowns in Europe and Australia for the last 30 years. With Tara's main passion in race wear and evening attire, Katari is relaunching their brand. With our focus on feminine silhouettes inspired from art, sculpture and flamboyant prints. All garments are crafted with fine and exclusives materials. Creating luxurious, individual and timeless pieces that will become a sentimental part of your wardrobe and life.