Understanding the Creative Director’s design process

Every designer has a different process, my garments are designed and made in my Burleigh studio on the Gold Coast. I am a one woman show (for now) trying to conquer the fashion world and it is important to me that I share this with you.
Finding Fabric
It is important in my design process, that I find the fabrics and trims first. I search up and down the coast, approaching companies for end of roll or destock fabric that they are no longer using. The reason I do this, is because it is important to minimise the waste in the fashion industry. As the number of consumed products every year can fill the Sydney harbour!
Mood boards
Most of the time I search for inspiration on Pinterest and Vogue runway shows. However, If I find myself out at a cocktail bar or restaurant, and love a woman’s outfit, I have been known to go up to her and ask to take a photo of what she is wearing.
I am terrible at drawing; I would be better off giving my six-month-old the sketch pad. However, I keep most of my designs in my head, usually skipping the sketching process and going straight to pattern making (THIS IS MY REAL PASSION!)
Pattern making
From studying, I have collected a group of patterns to create a tailored library. Once I have the design confirmed in my head, I start to transform the basic pattern into the pieces you see on my website today.
Samples, Samples, Samples
First, I cut out the fabric from the pattern I have just created. Then I try it on my mannequin (or a friend if they are free) to make the fit perfect. From there I trial trims and embedded in different design lines. This is how I create my signature, alluring designs.