Size Doesn't Matter...

Taking accurate body measurements is the only way to ensure that your clothes fit properly and comfortably – and size charts can be your best friend when it comes to ensuring your new clothes look and feel great.

 We have all been there. you go into one shop, try on a pair of size 12 jeans and they fit brilliantly. You then go into another shop and try on a skirt, only the size 12 doesn’t fit and you need to buy a size 14.

No, you haven’t grown a dress size in a day. Standard dress sizes are not all the same. What is a size 10 in one store, might be a size 8 in another store.

These standard sizes can make us feel great or terrible, depending on what size fits. This is why we say, “size is just a number!” It is not an accurate measurement of your body. The only way to know what size you truly are is by learning how to take measurements of your body.

Once you get to know your proportions, you can use them to ensure you have the perfect fit, every time. In this article we want to help you learn how to take your measurements and what to avoid to ensure they don’t go wrong.


Measure at the fullest part of your chest. This means wrapping the tape measure around your chest and over your breasts at their fullest part.

Wear a supportive bra to ensure your breasts are being held in the correct place.

Wear the kind of bra, which you would be wearing with the intended item of clothing, to ensure you get the right look.

Take at least 3 measurements and go with the widest one as the most accurate


Make sure that you are measuring the right part of torso.

The waist is the smallest, or narrowest part of your body. This should be somewhere between your navel and your ribcage.

Bend sideways, if you still can’t figure out exactly where your waist is. The part that contracts or creases is your natural waist.

Make sure you are standing up straight, but slightly relaxed.

Make sure you measuring tape is straight. 


Make sure you measure the correct area. Your hips are the widest part, so your measuring tape should go all the way around your bottom.

Take more than 1 measurement and go with the widest one.

Make sure you stand straight.

Make sure you stand with your feet together, as having your feet apart can create a measurement that is larger than your hip area.

Make sure it is a snug fit around your hips. 

Now you know how to correctly measure yourself, you can ensure that your clothes always look and fit like a glove.